David   Andrew  
 Pronounced: DAY-vid (English)    Pronounced: AN-droo (English)  
 Origin: Hebrew    Origin: Greek  
 Meaning: Beloved    Meaning: Brave, masculine, courage, and loyalty  
 Bible Ref: David killed the giant Goliath in 10th Century BC, then succeeded Saul as King of Israel.    Bible Ref: Andrew was the first of the twelve apostles to join Jesus.  
Welcome Guest,
My plans or goals of this site in the future:
(Which I hopping to have completed by 2023)

To make this site a gateway or linked site for any person with the name "David Andrew". I figure why hog this domain name for my self, even though I did purchase it. When there are many other “David Andrew” in the world besides just me. This site will allow other people/friends to find your personal sites with ease. An would allways be free of charge, but I would accept any donations you like to help provide me for this site. 

Some samples of my link ideas

  • Link to your Facebook site
  • Link to your My Space site
  • Link to your Linkedin site
  • Link to your Google personal page site
  • Link to your Bing personal page site
  • Link to your Twitter personal site
  • Link to your Youtube personal site.
  • Plus any other personal/custom home pages links.

The rules that I have so far to qualify.
#1st your true name has to be exactly “David Andrew”
    So no (Dave, Davey, Andrews, Drew and etc…) type of names.
In the future when site is built, I will be asking for some personal information to verify you.

So please look for updates/changes in the future on this page.

David Andrew Jr. - From Defiance Ohio - USA


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